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Micro Market

Micro Market  | Allied Vending Inc. - Post Falls, ID

For twenty years Allied Vending Inc. has served the Post Falls, ID area, and in that time we have conducted extensive micro market research. Through this research we have discovered many things about how people use our vending machines, as well as our copy machine services. Our discoveries include:

• Buying habits
• The busiest days of the week
• The slowest days the week
• Age and gender demographics
• The most lucrative locations
• The highest and lowest selling products
• And more!

Micro market research is important because it provides invaluable information for your business. Using micro market strategies, your business can better get to know your customers, allowing you to better custom tailor your services to specific demographics, rather than having to rely on a blanket strategy and trying to please everyone in the same way.

Allied Vending Inc. has spent years researching the demographics of the Post Falls, ID area, and we are willing to share that information with our business partners. This is a big advantage for you because you will have immediate access to what we know and will be able to begin customizing your vending machine and copy service campaigns immediately.

Your success is our success, Allied Vending Inc. wants you to succeed in this business, and that is why we are willing to share our micro market research with you. The more information you have about your customers, the better you will be able to serve them, which means you are more likely to find success.

Starting a new business can be scary because there are many things to consider. Why not let us help you ease some of those burdens? Call Allied Vending Inc. today, join our team, and get access to our most up to date micro market research and campaign strategies.